I wrote a couple of text-adventures. One was called Adventurer’s Consumer Guide and can be downloaded or played here: The other was called Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies. It can be downloaded or played here:


Unwinder’s Tall Comic is a comic I like. It can be read here: I did an interactive guest comic for it. It can be read here: It also has a parody of my comic Hitmen For Destiny. It can be read here


Whispered Apologies was a collaborative webcomic. People would send in a comic without text, and then someone else would write the text without the artist knowing what the text would be. I did the art for two such comics. They can be found here and here


Request Cast is a podcast where people send it requests for what they want the podcast to be about I like it a lot. I sent in requests for episode 8 and 11.


Here are some other comics I read:

Eat More Bikes (NSFW):

Dinosaur Comics:

The Translated Adventures of Nemi:

Our Valued Customers:

Axe Cop:

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella:

Achewood (NSFW):

The Order of the Stick:

The Perry Bible Fellowship (NSFW):

Daisy Owl:

Thinkin’ Lincoln:

Request Comics:

Tom The Dancing Bug:

Nedroid Picture Diary:

Terror Island:

Don’t Forget to Validate Your Parking:

Body World (NSFW):

The Grimbles:

The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve:

Jason Shiga’s comics:

Rice Boy:

Bob the Angry Flower: